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Internet Sales
RMC’s Internet venues also sells under the name of Cargo Largo.

Cargo Largo has been selling on eBay since 2000. We are a “Power Seller” with a 99.2% positive feedback rating on over 108000 feedback submissions. Here, our customers find a diverse selection of products, including the latest consumer electronics, sporting goods, collectibles, musical instruments, and commercial and industrial equipment.

Cargo Largo has been selling books, CD’s and DVD’s on Amazon for years. We have over 30,000 sales per year with a 97% positive rating. In recognition of our excellent customer service, Amazon has authorized us to list any product category available to 3rd party sellers.

Cargo Largo also maintains its own interactive website at, where we advertise and sell directly to customers. You can also link to our eBay, Amazon, and Craig’s list stores directly from our website.

The Internet allows us to present our unique product offerings to a geographically and demographically diverse audience, improving the likelihood that we will sell to the ideal customer, one willing to pay market price. Today, online sales account for over 30% of our total company revenues.
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